Regulatory monetary valuation of land plots in 2017: what to expect

Fabruary 24, 2017

On February 23 experts of  held a seminar for clients and guests of the company on “Regulatory monetary valuation of land plots: what owners and land users should be aware of in view of a new regulation”.

Speakers considered mechanisms of the calculation of regulatory monetary valuation of land plots, having paid special attention to amendments to the Order of regulatory monetary valuation of land plots within settlements applied since the beginning of 2017. They told how to regulate information on the land plot in the State Land Cadastre and to take land plot out of “a risk zone” of automatic application of the increased coefficient of functional use. Our specialists recommended methods of appeal on inadequate regulatory monetary valuation and evasion of undesirable changes to land lease agreement.

Besides, the tax aspects of calculation and payment of land tax for the land plots, as well as of land lease, and other topical issues were covered at a seminar.

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