Seminar “Tax dispute vs crime? Customs dispute”

October 3, 2013

On October 3, 2013 in Radisson BLU Hotel the Seminar on current issues of criminal responsibility for violations in the field of taxation and customs regulations took place.

The Seminar visited more than 80 participants. The speakers of the Seminar were attorneys and experts of KM Partners Oleksandr Minin, Olexandr Shemiatkin, Kateryna Gupalo, Olena Bukuyeva, Oleksii Spivak, Ivan Shynkarenko, and Vitaliy Odzhykovskyy.

The event was covered by two blocks on liability and court practice in tax disputes, the second block was devoted to liability for violation of customs regulations.

Also the publication “Tax dispute or crime?” prepared by experts of KM Partners was presented at the Seminar.

Presentations that were used during the Seminar can be found here:

icon_filetype_PDF-1 block 1 – tax disputes;

icon_filetype_PDF-1 block 2 – responsibility for violations of customs regulation.